Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Introduction of the Petition

My MP Mr. Karygiannis (Scarborough—Agincourt),introduced my petition which has been entered into the Journal for May 10, 2012 (Link is below)

"one concerning the labelling of food products (No. 411-1019)"

Some information regarding the stages of petitions.

"On the day the Member chooses to introduce the bill, he or she rises during Routine Proceedings when the Speaker calls "Introduction of Private Members' Bills". The Speaker announces the title of the bill and the motion for introduction of the bill is automatically adopted, without debate.
The Member is then permitted to give a brief explanation outlining the purpose of the bill. Since no debate is permitted at this time, the Member often simply reads the explanatory note in the bill. The bill is then automatically read a first time and ordered to be printed, also without debate, amendment or question put, pursuant to Standing Order 69(1).
The bill is then transferred to the list of "Private Members' Business-Items Outside the Order of Precedence". This list of items, which may be consulted at the Table in the Chamber or on the electronic version of the Order Paper, does not actually appear in the printed version of the Order Paper. Having been placed on this list, the bill is set down for second reading and reference to a committee. When a Member's name is placed in the Order of Precedence, he or she may select any item standing in his or her name on the List of Items Outside the Order of Precedence.
Pursuant to Standing Order 91.1(1), at the beginning of the first session of a Parliament, and thereafter as required, the Subcommittee on Private Members' Business meets following the establishment, or replenishment of the Order of Precedence, to determine whether it wishes to designate any of the items as non-votable according to the criteria adopted by the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs."

Commitment? Commited?

Since the petition has been introduced to the House of Commons we have to patiently await a response. In case you don’t know The House of Commons really only has to be in session once in a 12 month period. This is in accordance with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms s. 5 “ There shall be a sitting of Parliament and of each legislature at least once every twelve months. So currently they have no sitting days in The House of Commons till September 17, 2012 and it started June 25th, 2012. I would say that is a nice summer vacation, but just because they are not sitting, does not mean that each MP is not working very hard.

Just today I spoke to my Member of Parliament on the phone. It is still really weird to me to have the privilege to speak to such a wise man that is actually very powerful. It takes so much dedication to become a decision maker. So I feel humble and honoured that I get to speak with him. Nonetheless, our conversation today took a different twist than normal. He asked me my level of commitment to this matter. Obviously I told him I am committed, I am an all or nothing kind of person. He mentioned some of the things I would have to do to get this really to take off, meeting with officials, lobbying, setting up a foundation etc. He told me how my goal to become a lawyer may be put on hold and how my personal life might be strained. (Hard to think that it could become anymore strained as I currently go to school every evening as it is.) However, he asked me to watch the 1992 movie “Lorenzo’s Oil”. So now I am doing everything and looking everywhere to find myself a legitimate copy of it. My conversation with him started to make me think. As a mother to the child I am doing this for… What wouldn’t I do for him? What mother would not go above and beyond to make things safer for their child? How would not make and take the steps to better improve generations of life? This is not just for my son. This is for my son’s kids, my daughter’s kids, their grandkids, their great great grand kids. This is for each of the children in Canada dealing with the exact same thing my son is dealing with.

Anyways, I am committed to this like glue is stuck to paper once it dries. Anyways, before I speak to my MP I must see this movie, as he has requested. I will of course keep you posted.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Allergy Awareness Week

So, it is Allergy Awareness Week and it couldn't come at a better time.

With that being noted here are some resources I would like to share with you and make available for those suffering with life threatening allergies.

Compliments of here are a list of some interesting facts:

  • There is no cure; avoidance of an allergenic food is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction.
  • About 1.3 million Canadians (4%) have food allergy according to Health Canada.
  • One in two Canadians know someone with a serious food allergy.
  • The incidence is highest amongst young children (under 3) with close to 6% affected by food allergy.
  • About 300,000 Canadian children under 18 years have food allergies.
  • Peanut allergy in Canada affects about 2 in 100 children.
  • More than 40% of Canadians read food labels looking for allergen information.
  • The Ontario government passed Sabrina's Law in 2005, requiring all publicly funded schools in the province to have an anaphylaxis action plan.
The major allergens are:  Peanut and peanut products, soy and soy products, eggs, sesame seeds, milk, seafood, tree nuts, sulphites, wheat and  mustard (Mustard is now a priority allergen in Canada, and labelling requirements for mustard will come into force on August 04, 2012). Many of these products are hidden in common foods.

There are oodles of information on food allergies available all over the Internet. I strongly urge you to get familiar with food allergies as they are becoming increasingly common in Canada and around the world. A simple "google" search on food allergies in Canada, or any country you are in will give you some relevant information for your area and resources. If you, or someone you know is currently suffering from a food allergy and you have stumbled across this page, PLEASE call your local emergency department or 9-1-1. Getting immediate help can save a life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Metro at Kennedy Commons in Scarborough, Ontario

This is at a Metro located at Kennedy Commons in Scarborough. This is at the end of the isle on wheels. While I was taking a few photos of the setup the cart seen in this image actually hit it and about 13 or so of the walnuts went tumbling to the ground. What become of those nuts I do not know, however I am certain that these being in a closed bin would be a much better set up.

Another Loblaws Incident

This is at a Loblaws in Richmond Hill. Note the roll of bags that are in the bin of tree nuts. This is very concerning to me. This is why I am asking for the bins to be closed or for the nuts to be pre-packaged. To prevent this form of cross contamination. To prevent this from being in contact with those with life threatening allergic reactions. This is unhealthy and unsanitary.

Nightmare at Loblaws

This is a Loblaws in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Look at all those nuts, look at how spread out they are and how easy it would be for a random person to place your next possible food item on them!!

Freshco in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Such a close contact area to the fresh fruits and vegetables. I would be so happy to see this closed up, and not on a slope. This is at Freshco. In Richmond Hill, Ontario.